The Section 21 Film and Television Health and Safety Advisory Committee

About Us

In 1988, the Section 21 Film and Television Health and Safety Advisory Committee was appointed by the Minister of Labour pursuant to s.21 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

This tri-partite Committee consists of Labour, Management and Government Representatives. The Section 21 Committee holds regular meetings to discuss “the industry’s” safety issues, concerns and accidents. As well, the committee continues to draft “The Safety Guidelines for the Film and Television Industry in Ontario” which are meant to assist employers/producers, supervisors and cast and crew in the industry in determining ways to best comply with their obligations as set out under the OHSA.

Since 1997, the Section 21 Committee has hosted the industry’s Film and Television Health and Safety Symposium. The Section 21 Committee has initiated training sessions, and continues to develop standards, policies, and is a common liaison for regulatory agencies.

The committee will also post bulletins and aims to provide information to all industry professionals in all disciplines, in hazard recognition and aid in developing safe work practices.

The Section 21 Committee is as follows:

   NABET 700-M UNIFOR – Jayson Mosek, Labour Co-Chair - bio

   CMPA – Sean Porter, Management Co-Chair

    DGC Ontario - Cynthia Clayton, Treasurer - bio

           IATSE Local 667 - Tim Storey, Secretary – bio

 IATSE Local 411 – Anne Paynter - bio

        CPAT - Tim Corrigan - bio

   ACTRA Toronto - Clare Johnston – bio

   IATSE Local 873 – Wayne Goodchild - bio

   Ontario Ministry of Labour – Erica Arsenault - bio

   Toronto Film and Television Office – 

   Ontario Creates  – Doug Till - bio

   Hamilton Film and Television Office - Lorrie Bowman - bio

   Contract Services Administration Trust Fund - Matthew Antonucci - bio

Kevin Lafferty, Independent Producer - bio

    AMPTP - Tracey Wood


Please contact your Section 21 Committee Representative for assistance, and/ or reporting accidents or incidents.